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There was a need to optimise my online presence in order to keep my portfolio up to date. The existing system was completely static which meant that every time I completed a project I'd have to manually add it to the site by HTML code.

The new system approaches this issue by creating a user interface to upload new items to the portfolio. It allows the entry of a small image and up to 4 larger images, as well as a short and long description. This diversity allows for a variety of portfolio entries.

The system is secure and takes into account SQL injection and Cross site scripting vulnerabilities as well as both server and client side form validation to ensure data integrity.

The system is password protected and allows complete CRUD of both portfolio entries and of system users.

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Just Bikers E-commerce

As part of my E-commerce and business module I was set the task of transforming an existing Small to Medium Enterprise's website into a complete online store solution.

I chose to redevelop the Just Biker's website and created a solution which took advantage of various business aspects such as customer engagement, cross selling and social interaction.

The system allowed the tracking of customers and sales as well as dynamic offers, such as free delivery during the Christmas period. The solution is very successful and I gained a mark of 85%.

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As part of my Web Development Platforms module I had to create a content management system for a local organisation that runs activities for various age groups. The system I created allowed access for three different privilege levels - Group leaders, Project co-ordinators and Librarians.

The system allowed group leaders to log in and view suggested ideas and upgrade them to confirmed activities should they meet the standard. Group leaders could also view existing activities and offer help and or resources to ensure that the activity could run.

Programme co-ordinators could see all confirmed activities which had sufficient support and activities and could assign different age groups to an activity.

Librarians could assign resources or help from the list of people who had offered and could also schedule the activities to run.

I took the role of PHP and MySQL developer, doing 95% of the actual code for this project.

The system was very successful and gained a mark of 78%.

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Flash game

This project was part of the first year of my degree. It involved learning Flash action script 3 to create an interactive game which had an external influence.

This particular game changes depending on the time of day, changing the background image appropriately. If someone plays the game at night time, a night theme is automatically applied and likewise if the game is played early in the morning, a sunrise background is applied.

The game has three difficulty levels, a timer and a health bar. If the player misses three ballons, then they are "dead" and have to restart.

I gained a first for this coursework and it is available here.

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Weight Watchers tool

Whilst learning C# during the first year of my degree, I decided to create a piece of software to strengthen my knowledge and prepare myself for the coursework.

I created a system which uses an external text file to persist data throughout sessions. The software stores profiles, where it calculates a person's BMI and Weight Watchers points allowance based on factors such as their daily activeness, their weight and their height.

The software also records a daily diary of eaten food for each person, calculating how many points each food item has used, based on the Weight Watchers formula.

The piece of software runs seamlessly and allowed me to get 78% on my C# coursework.

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Flexitime Web Application

This project was part of my Java development second year module. Having previously created a flexi time java application based on Object Oriented programming principles, this project was a web service version.

Coded in Java Server Pages, it allows staff to enter their weekly hours and calculates their flexi balance. Further, it calculates holiday and allows staff members to request holiday - which is then either declined or authorised by their manager.

It also uses the Google Charts API to provide managers with a chart of their staff and their current flexi balance.

These are just a few of the features this project has and is still waiting to be graded.